Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RESTART... /sigh

Rehashing this blog. I didn't continue it as well as I would have liked. Made a whole bunch of new stuff since my last post way back when. Here are links to all of em




Finally got myself an internship right across the street from my school. I also managed to get a job on campus due to some lucky connections. I'm working the library from 10pm to 2am as a late night monitor. All I have to do I sit at the front desk and do homework for $10 an hour so go me!

The class load this semester is manageable and actually fun...ish. Life Drawing, After Effects, 3D Animation, History of Graphic Design, Japanese, and Tennis. I can already feel History of Graphics slipping as the class has the lightest (read: nonexistent) workload save for a few scattered and easy projects. After Effects is definitely the most fun class as we really get to explore the program and make some fun stuff. Unfortunately the teacher grades rather harshly so we'll have to see how that plays out.

I'm starting to get sick of having no websites or commercial media to use as a portfolio. I only have art that would be considered art-for-arts-sake. Why is it I can't find any other graphic designers who do the same type of work I do? All they seem to care about is making their brochures and event fliers and other commercial bull****. I understand the need for these things but when did the idea of art depart from graphic design. I challenge these students to make something that couldn't be used commercially. I have yet to see a fellow graphic designer in my classes who has art that was made for him or herself. /rant

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Update

Haven't updated in a long while. Laptop crashed and I lost a fair amount of my psd.'s I have most of the jpegs of the works but Those are generally smaller size and have no layers so.. yah.. QQ

Here's a little something for the time being then. Redrawing a piece I made in high school with a few completely different elements.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Current WIP Go!

Started this and was working on it for a bit.. but then I sorta just stopped and haven't picked up on it again so I'ma go ahead and do just that.

The subject is literally a RANDOM person I found searching for "photographic portrait" on Google... so yah.. pretty random.

I'm really loving how the beard came out so thats a plus. The eyes are a tad too big so I'ma hafta shrink those a tad. The nose needs a bit of work but other than that I'm lovin' it so far.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Scrutinize : Emergence

Wewt finally got around to doing this whole Blog thing. Plan to use this place to post my art and my rants about life and my struggles with art and stuff... Yah.. try to contain your excitement kk?

So bascially I've been seriously slacking off in terms of Graphic Design. I do work for classes but not nearly enough by myself right now which is a trend I don't want to be in for this hobby of mine. I'm also dealing with getting a job for the Winter Break.

Ah well, hopefully this blog with spark my creative flames again.